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{orders must be received by 10pm the night before}/Thursday/Saturday 

We continue to honor our pledge to have the best quality for a fair price.  

We are not charging for this service at this time.

Once you have completed your order guide,

you may choose one of the following options to get your order filled:

1. Email order guide (or type a line item list w/ quantities if you don't have a printer or scanner) to

by 10pm the night before your requested pick up day (Tu, Th, or Sat.); we will contact you once your order is ready to be picked up and paid for.

2. Return the order guide in person to our MIDDLE CHECKOUT STAND and it will be fulfilled on the next Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday


1. You will receive a phone call with your total amount due and you will have the option to pay with a credit card over the phone or in person.  ONLY CREDIT CARDS are accepted for VROOM SERVICE.

2. To pick up your VROOM SERVICE order after you received your phone call, please arrive before 4pm, park in our lot and come to the "exit" let a cashier know that you have a VROOM SERVICE pick up and provide the name on the order.  

*If you'd like a "no contact" pick up/payment process, pay over the phone and then you may need to let a cashier know you have arrived by walking to the entrance of our store as our phone lines have been very busy - we are "open air" so you won't have to touch a thing.

While home delivery is not available, please know you may send your neighbor, family member, or friend.

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