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Growers Ranch has been in business since the owners Mr. & Mrs. Rich Penjoyan opened a roadside produce stand in the same location back in 1969. Now, we are celebrating our 55th year in business. We take pride in being a family owned and operated fresh produce market and have had many of the same employees (& customers) for years on end. So you will be sure to see familiar faces each time you shop.
Think of us as a 6-day-a-week farmers market; if you make the effort to shop with us, you will not regret it.

We also run a wholesale produce business Penjoyan Produce. We serve more than 150 of the finest restaurants, hotels, private clubs, juice bars and catering businesses in Orange County and surrounding cities.

What can Growers Ranch do for you that grocery stores won't do:

* Do you have a large dinner party coming up? Place a custom order with our wholesale department and let them do the shopping for you.

* Want to get your hands on a whole box of a certain item? Just ask and it will be ordered for you. If the item isn't already available for purchase, it can usually be brought in within 24 hours.

* Need a large number of cut or julienned veggies? No problem! Our wholesale representatives can get whatever you need, usually within 24 to 48 hours from the time you order.
Our market in 1969
Our market today
Growers Ranch

Growers Ranch

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